Preparing Your Home To Sell




Real estate professionals generally agree that attention to the following areas will help your home to show better and sell sooner. Most everything listed can be accomplished with reasonable effort and minimal expense.



Things you need to do to help sell your home.

- Cleaning should include baseboards, chair rails, corners, a/c vents, stove, oven, and blinds.
- Wipe down cabinets with cleaner or wood conditioner.
- Clean carpets and re-stretch areas if needed.
- Clean baths and include air freshener that leaves a clean scent, not a strong artificial one.
- Remove personal items from vanity top (after shave, hair dryers, toothpaste).
- Clean out inside vanity cabinets to make them look roomy.
- Caulk around tub and shower if needed.
- Secure any loose corners or edges on wallpaper.
- Clear off kitchen counter tops (blenders, coffee makers, boxes, canisters).
- Remove magnets, calendars, photos from refrigerator. Clean off top of refrigerator.
- Eliminate as much clutter as possible in all rooms. Store unnecessary items.
- Organize any bookshelves so that there is plenty of open space.
- Clean out closets. There should be a minimum number of items on the floor and shelves.
- Kid’s rooms are difficult, but the same rules apply and are more important in smaller rooms.
- If necessary to clear out the house, fill up the garage. Buyers understand that you are moving.
- Make sure all lights have bulbs. Higher wattage bulbs are better.
- Open blinds and curtains to brighten up the inside.
- Keep beds made and clothes put away. Leave sinks empty and clean.
- Touch up or paint rooms if needed. Pay attention to door frames, and outside window sills.
- Exterior doors should be easy to open and locks should work properly.
- Pay attention to the appearance of the front door.

This seems like a lot and does make family life a little more difficult, but do the best you can and your efforts will not be wasted. Remember, other sellers in your area may be working from a similar list.

For the best results consider a professional Home Stager. Ask for details.