Our Mission Statement


Weichert Realtors, BenchMark

Weichert Realtors - BenchMark and BenchMark Mortgage developed a mission statement prior to opening the doors for business. Our collective effort resulted in six key statements that will serve as a guide to our agents in daily performance and in establishing long term goals.

To keep our customer’s interests first and foremost at all times.

We pledge to perform our duties to the maximum benefit of our clients and to provide all assistance needed for our clients to make good decisions.

To provide customer service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We must first listen to our customers to understand their individual expectations. Once we understand their expectations, we can not only meet them, but can identify ways to go above and beyond what is expected.

To continue the growth of our agents through education and certification.

Knowledge is power. We strive to have the most knowledgeable agents in the

To provide additional value by offering related services to our customers.

We want to provide assistance to our customers in every area related to real estate from providing financing to recommending a handy man. Many agents have mistakenly limited service to clients in attempts to limit their own liability.

To solicit feedback, review, evaluate, and improve our performance.

We establish performance standards for our agents. We make performance guarantees to our customers. In addition, we survey all of our buyers, sellers, and borrowers after closing.

To participate in charitable efforts in our community, both personally and financially.

We are committed to sharing our time and our success with the community. We are
actively involved in Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, The Heart Foundation, and St.
Jude as well as others. We also support our agents individual charitable commitments.

We believe that by applying the statements above in everything we do, we will become a company that demonstrates integrity and professionalism as well as one that provides outstanding levels of service to our clients and customers.